Dentist Fresno Causes of Swollen Gums

Fresno Dentist Helps Prevent Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are nothing to take lightly and can be a symptom of a serious oral health issue. While most causes of swollen gums are easy to treat, you don’t want to neglect to get attention right away.
Most Common Causes
Here are some of the main reasons you could be suffering from swollen gums.
Abscessed Tooth
This infection that lies around the root of a tooth can be a serious problem. Abscessed teeth are normally treated with a root canal. Symptoms of this will include swollen gums and an ache in the bone of your tooth.
Gum Disease
Mouths are swimming in bacteria and particles which are always forming plaque. This sticky, colorless substance sticks to your teeth while eating away at your enamel. Brushing your teeth gets rid of the majority of plaque but when it is left on the teeth it hardens and becomes tartar.
The more plaque and tartar that is left on the teeth, the more bacteria your mouth faces. Eventually, this will lead to gum disease. The onset of gum disease is referred to as gingivitis. The main symptom is swollen gums and possible bleeding. If that goes untreated, you’ll end up with periodontitis. In addition to the swelling, your gums will begin to pull away from your teeth. This allows bacteria below the tooth and can lead to the loss of teeth.
Poor Oral Hygiene
All of this can be prevented by having good oral hygiene. Food must be cleaned out of the mouth properly for it to remain healthy. Follow these tips for a healthy mouth:
Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time.
Floss your teeth once daily.
Use an antibacterial rinse if desired.
Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet.
Visit your Fresno dentist twice a year.
Swollen gums are a sign that something isn’t right inside your mouth. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Make an appointment with your Fresno dentist right away to have the cause investigated. Then, you can get yourself back on track to have a healthy and vibrant smile once again.
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