Dentist Fresno Zirconia Crowns

Fresno Dental Crowns Made of Zirconia Give You a Natural, Restored Smile

Zirconia is a fantastic new material that can be used to make esthetic natural looking restorations that are virtually unbreakable. If you have severely worn teeth or have a problem with chipped and broken teeth, zirconia is probably the material of choice for you.


How it is done:

The dentist will remove any decayed portion of the tooth and shape the tooth to ideal form to receive the new crown. After preparing the tooth, an impression or mold of your mouth is made by placing a putty like material in your mouth. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where using cadcam technology a solid zirconia crown is milled from a blank of material. While you are waiting for the new crown to arrive you will wear an acrylic temporary for approximately two weeks.


Benefits of Zirconia crowns:

Zirconia is tooth colored and will not show a grey line at the gumline. Zirconia crowns are very strong and nearly unbreakable so are a good choice for patients that grind their teeth or have had problems will failed restorations in the past.