Dentist Fresno Gum Disease and Periodontal Treatment

Fresno Dentist Provides Gum Disease and Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease is characterized as infection under the gums which may or may not be painful and causes the tissue to bleed and can have "pus" building up or draining from the pockets around the teeth.  Clenching and grinding teeth called "Occlusal Trauma" also contribute to the cause of the progression of this disease.
The pockets of gum tissue around each tooth should have a normal depth measurement of 1-3 mm. If gum disease is present these pockets will become deeper as some of the bone under the gums is destroyed by the bacteria that is present under the tissue.  If the bacteria is not cleaned away on a daily basis it builds up causing gum infection.  
Your Fresno Dentist would start with a deep cleaning of the gum pockets called Root Planing. This is done with various instruments, medications and the use of a Laser to help disinfect these deep pockets.  In extreme cases surgery may be required as well.
Without treatment and regular maintenance, over time teeth may need to be removed.
Gum disease is primarily due to bacteria which must be removed with good daily home care and regular maintenance at our dental office with our hygienist. With proper care gum disease can be maintained and controlled for long periods of time without the loss of the teeth which will happen without proper care,