Dentist Fresno Is Chewing Gum Good for Teeth?

Cosmetic Dentist in Fresno, CA Discusses Chewing Gum

Many people enjoy chewing a piece of gum, which can be good or bad depending what kind of gum you choose. Chewing gum with sugar as an ingredient can lead to cavities, but studies prove that sugar-free gum helps to prevent cavities. Some newer gums even have ingredients that help to keep your teeth healthy. So, when you are debating which gum to choose, read this article first!
Choose Sugar-Free Gum 
When you chew sugar-free gum after a snack or meal, you help to rinse the bad acids off the teeth. This neutralizes acids which are released from the bacteria. When you allow acids or bacteria to remain on the teeth, you are setting yourself up to damage the enamel. 
By chewing gum without sugar, you increase the salvia rate inside your mouth. This also helps to wash away leftover food particles.
More about Xylitol
Sugar-free gums are sometimes sweetened with xylitol. This new-found ingredient has an added benefit of stopping the growth of Streptococcus bacteria. This dangerous bacteria is known to cause cavities so it’s important to keep it at bay.
Some People Shouldn’t Chew Gum
Some people need to avoid chewing gum. Unless you’ve been permitted by the dentist, avoid gum of any sort if you fall into these categories:
Suffering from TMD/TMJ disorder or have any jaw pain
Are a small child
Have had dental work recently completed in your mouth
Currently wear braces
Other Things to Note
Chewing gum is one way to prevent cavities and decay, but there are other steps you need to follow for a clean mouth.
Brush your teeth twice a day
Floss once per day
Rinse your mouth after eating
Eat a nutritious diet
Avoid damaging substances such as sugar, acids and tobacco
See your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup
Chewing gum is only one step toward preventing cavities. Make a daily effort to care for your teeth and set yourself up for many years with a beautiful smile. Talk to your cosmetic dentist in Fresno, CA if you aren’t sure what gum is best for you. Our office can be reached at (559) 438-0121, call us today to schedule your next appointment.