Dentist Fresno Tooth Sensitivity & Prevention

Dentist in Fresno, CA Helps Prevent Sensitive Teeth

For many people, just the thought of having ice cream or a cold drink touch their teeth is enough to make them shudder. It is estimated that about 1 in 7 Americans have at least some level of tooth sensitivity. 
The proper term for tooth sensitivity is “dentin hypersensitivity” and it is more prominent in women than it is in men. It mostly affects those between the ages of 20 and 50 and sensitivity is most often reported in the canine and bicuspid teeth.
Tooth sensitivity causes sharp, instant pain in response to an external stimulus. This is often caused by cold, but heat can also cause pain to some people. For some, their teeth can be so sensitive that even exposure to cold air is enough to cause them pain. 
What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?
There are a few common causes of sensitivity. This can include:
A Receding Gum Line – As the gums recede, the roots of our teeth become more exposed. This can cause pain in nearby teeth.
Acidic Foods – Foods, as well as drinks that are high in acidity can also cause our teeth to become sensitive. Regular exposure to foods or drinks that are acidic can wear away at the outer enamel of our teeth and lead to sensitivity.
Brushing Too Hard – Many of us don’t know that toothpaste contains tiny abrasives that are meant to help scrub our teeth. However, these abrasives, when combined with brushing too hard, can cause excessive wear on our teeth.
Whitening Products – It’s been proven that exposure to hydrogen peroxide and other bleaching agents can lead to increased porosity in our teeth and can cause the inner pulp of our teeth to become inflamed.
One important tip to remember is to wait at least 20 minutes after eating before brushing your teeth. When you brush too soon after eating, you can cause damage by brushing away any enamel that has been soften by the acids in your food.
There are many toothpastes available that are proven to help with tooth sensitivity. It is also important to focus on brushing your teeth gently. This helps keep your gums healthy and won’t wear away at the protective layer of your teeth.
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