Dentist Fresno What Causes Receding Gums?

Dentist near Clovis, CA Shares Causes & Treatment of Receding Gums

Gums are to your teeth as the skin is to your body. It provides a covering for your tooth structures to keep particles and bacteria from entering. As they become diseased or damaged, they recede. This is when they begin to pull away from the teeth. Over time, bone is lost and tooth roots become exposed to cavities, sensitivity and abrasion. 
Have an evaluation with your dentist to determine the reason for your gum recession. There are numerous causes to be aware of.
Causes of Gum Recession
By finding the cause, you have a better chance of treating the problem. Here are some of the most common reasons recession occurs:
Tobacco use
Gum disease
Brushing aggressively
Oral habits
Misaligned teeth
Bad bite
Systemic disease
Poor dental work
Treating Gum Recession
Once you know what caused the recession, it’s time to jump into action and do something about it. It’s not reversible, so you must address the problem right away to stop it. If your teeth aren’t straight, there are plenty of treatments to fix that. The same goes for brushing too aggressively, just stop! If you have bad oral habits or your smoke, you need to cease that as well. 
Some other cases are more complicated to deal with. Sometimes, all the dentist can do is replace the gum tissue. This isn’t just for cosmetic purposes; it’s also to protect the vulnerable roots from any further damage. Left untreated, recession leads to periodontal issue or tooth decay. Grafting is a great way to surgically replace your lost gum tissue. Because there is such a variety of ways to treat it, your best bet is to spend time talking with your dentist about it. Together, you’ll be able to determine the best course of action. 
It’s crucial that you take care of any gum recession promptly. Simple treatments allow you to retain your teeth whereas avoiding it could eventually lead to tooth loss. That’s only going to create further problems down the road that you don’t want to face. Choose to seek treatment today with your leading dentist near Clovis, CA and you can enjoy years of a happy, healthy smile. Our office can be reached at (559) 438-0121, we look forward to your call.